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Citrus International Trading PLC is a leading import, manufacturing & wholesale distribution company dedicated to providing complete pharmaceutical, household water safety, and hygiene & sanitation solutions to all families in Ethiopia.



The Citrus approach in business is to balance innovation with.....

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Our Mission

Citrus International Trading aims to remain a leader in the .....

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Citrus International Trading is a leading import, manufacturing & distribution company dedicated to providing complete pharmaceutical, household water safety, and hygiene & sanitation solutions to all families in Ethiopia..


Premium medical equipment selection for today's operating room or surgical suite. Wide selection ...

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Citrus has been exhibited outstanding growth in diversified importing Phramciticals to Ethiopia ...

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WASH Program

CDC’s global WASH program provides expertise and interventions aimed at saving lives and reducing ...

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Some of our Satisfied Clients and Company Owners.

We have been working with Citrus INT for last 9 years. They played very much big role in our company's growth

Shane Watson

Citrus INT helped me to start my own business. they gave me the business idea and still working with us in various projects

Henry Nicholas

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Regulations Do I Need to Comply With?

Unfortunately, there is no universal answer for this. It is entirely dependent on the industry you are operating in. Each commodity being imported into Canada, or exported out of Canada, must comply with a variety of product-related regulations, as well as customs regulations. These customs regulations are governed in Canada by the Canada Border Services Agency – CBSA. It is important to understand the regulations in detail to minimize any potential liability.

What Are the Best Products to Export?

We receive this question a lot. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer! The first step for a trader looking to set up a new export business is to obtain market information. The commercial success of export ventures relies on insightful understanding of the commodity in the export market. This encompasses trends, local competition, etc.

What Documents are Needed for Import/Export?

Standard documents like commercial invoices and certificates of origin are the most important. However, each commodity might also require additional documentation.

Who is in Charge of Regulating Exports?

Each country you plan to export to will have their own specific rules and regulations. Please contact one of our International Trade Advisors to discuss how exporting will work in your unique set of circumstances.

Why Citrus International Trading

Working with NGOs, local communities, and agencies like the U.S. Agency for International Development, We travel where we are needed most. .

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