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About Citrus Int. Trading

Citrus International Trading PLC is a leading import, manufacturing & wholesale distribution company dedicated to providing complete pharmaceutical, household water safety, and hygiene & sanitation solutions to all families in Ethiopia. Citrus International Trading PLC was founded in 2009 as an exclusive distributor of Aquatabs in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. During the past 3 years, Citrus International Trading has successfully built value for multiple brands with a full range of products in each concept. In 2011, Citrus International Trading expanded its distribution business model into the manufacturing sector by acquiring Aquasan. Citrus currently employees 30 dynamic individuals in its corporate headquarters and a total of 200 team members are deployed in various areas of the manufacturing, distribution, sales aspects of the four brand concepts. With a strong and highly organized distribution system and a relentless commitment to offer tangible solutions to the market place, Citrus International Trading plans to grow by expanding its product offerings and refining its business model to become a one-stop-shop for health, water safety, and hygiene & sanitation solutions.

Our Vision

The Citrus vision is to use our business as an instrument to solve critical health, hygiene and sanitation issues within our community by facilitating the availability of innovative & cost-effective solutions to the market place. We strive to contribute to the well-being & improved quality of life of all families in Ethiopia by providing high quality & affordable products that preserve and promote healthy living.

Our Mission

Citrus International Trading aims to remain a leader in the marketplace by continuing to import, manufacture & distribute a variety of health, hygiene and sanitation products that are SAFE, EFFECTIVE, AFFORDABLE, ACCESSIBILE and SUSTAINABLE.

Our Approach

The Citrus approach in business is to balance innovation with affordability and drive results through superior organization and a commitment to deliver tangible solutions to the marketplace.

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More Than 25 Years Of Experience

Citrus International Trading is a pioneer in the pharmaceutical, Medical and Wash product Importing to Ethiopia. Its headquarter is located in Bole Subcity subcity,.

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